What is ReceiptBank and how can it help me?

ReceiptBank is the best app for scanning and categorising your receipts including extracting the VAT where needed! It automatically allocates the expense to a category and uploads the receipt to the central servers where it is stored safely and securely to comply with HMRC rules.

Save time and space!

This means that you no longer need to spend hours typing things into a spreadsheet or sorting your receipts and writing them up into a ledger. Now you can simply send photos of your paper receipts using our amazing mobile app or simply forward on emails of your invoices from your suppliers! There is no duplication and most importantly no loss of data as all the images are stored securely in the cloud. You don’t even need to keep your paper receipts!

We have various camera modes to capture all sorts of receipts:

  • Single mode
    • Just snap a picture, hit the Submit button and we’ll do the rest
    • Simply make sure to take each receipt/invoice individually
  • Multiple mode
    • Quickly submit up to 50 single receipts and/or invoices in one batch
    • Simply make sure to take each receipt/invoice individually
  • Combine mode
    • For invoices on 2 or more pages (or just really loooong receipts) that you might need to snap on both sides
    • Make sure the image captures the whole receipt/invoice
    • Allow enough light to fully capture the receipt/invoice

Email in electronic receipts

You can choose a special email address that you can forward your invoices to which usually ends in @receiptbank.me.

This is super convenient as any invoices enclosed in emails either as HTML or .pdf, regardless of who sent it whether it be Uber or Amazon etc, can be sent on to this address and it will be automatically scanned and submitted to your ReceiptBank Inbox which means it is then visible for us to process for you.

Any emails sent to this address are processed so you can even give your suppliers this email address and they will be automatically dealt with!

Where to find your unique emnail address?

On the mobile app simply:

  • IOS: select the menu in the upper left then choose the “Email In” option
  • Android: go to “Settings” then choose “Services” and finally select “Email In”

This can even be added as contact on your phone to make it super easy!

How to email in receipts

  • Single item in text – forward to the personalised address
  • Single item attached – forward to the personalised address
  • Regular invoices from the same supplier – give the supplier your @receiptbank.me address to cc when sending you an invoice. You can also set up auto-forwarding rules to your @receiptbank.me email address
  • Multiple items attached to one email – send from your login email account to multiple@receiptbank.me

Link with us seamlessly

We see the receipts as they are uploaded and we can check you are keeping up to date and correct any problems from our end meaning that we can get on with your accounts and self assessment very quickly and easily as you will always be up to date.

We will help you get started on the road to freedom from paper if you have any problems – just drop us a line any time and we can talk you through it.

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