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The team at Easy Accountants is committed to delivering the accountancy and tax services you need.

Easy Accountants has a dedicated team who specialise in helping you file your Self Assessment.

At a price you can afford!

We offer payment over 12 months interest free and our experts can help you whether you are:

  • employed and need to claim unpaid expenses
  • a landlord
  • self-employed
  • work under the Construction Industry Scheme

See our comprehensive Self EmployedLandlordEmployed and Construction Industry Self Assessment Checklists.

Our experts will ensure that you claim all your allowable expenses to ensure the largest rebate possible.

We will work through your records with you to ensure that we miss nothing.


CIS Subcontractor

If you act as a CIS subcontractor (or should do!), we can help you with the required monthly CIS filings.

We advise whether you should be paying any subcontractor staff through CIS deduction.

You must always ensure to operate the CIS scheme on the “labour only” element of what you pay your subcontractors.

You must also ensure that you deduct the correct percentage of tax. You do this by verifying their CIS subcontractor status with HMRC.

We can deal with all aspects of compliance for you whether you are a CIS subcontractor, contractor or both!


Claim unpaid work expenses

We can also claim for your work related expenses and claim any tax rebates you might be due.

See here for more details about tax rebates!


Express Payment

You can receive your tax rebate the following day using our Express Payment option.

Call us now to find out more about this fantastic opportunity.

Do remember though that not everyone under the CIS scheme receives a rebate!

Higher earners and those with only part of their work under CIS may still have to pay further tax and National Insurance.


Lots of years to catch up?

Don’t worry, we can help even if you have lots of years of Self Assessments to catch up on!

We’ve helped clients resolve outstanding problems going back up to 20 years!

Furthermore, we can then also help with negotiating a payment plan with HMRC for you if needed.



If you are a landlord, we can help no matter if you own one or a number of properties and personally or through a company.

Click here for our comprehensive Landlord checklist.

Do you need help understanding Capital Gains Tax and how to reduce it when selling your properties?

Click here for our Landlord Hub.


Limited Companies

Join hundreds of other companies who have all of their tax and accountancy taken care of by us. We take care of:

  • Setting up and advising new businesses
  • Your payroll
  • Your VAT
  • Your year end accounts and Corporation Tax
  • Tax planning for selling or retiring

Everything you need to keep your business running safely and profitably!


Working Together

You can work with us and switch from your current accountant very simply.

There are no costs involved and we’ll deal with the process on your behalf.

You can even stay in control of your budget with our fixed prices – spread our payment interest free over 12 months.

Furthermore, we use the latest in online sharing technologies and digital document signing.

With this we can help you wherever you are in the UK and wherever your life takes you.

So let us take away the stress and hassle of filing your tax return.

We ensure you will meet all of your deadlines and only pay the tax you should.

And not a penny more!


Making Tax Digital

Do you need help understanding Making Tax Digital that HMRC are implementing very shortly.

This is being implemented for self-employed businesses and landlords with annual income above £10,000.

It will start from the next accounting period starting on or after 6th April 2023.

We have our own FREE app that will quickly scan your receipts and get them to us without needing to keep paper copies.

EVERYONE will have to keep fully digital records of both sales and purchases.

Using our app will prepare you for the changes well before time.

Non VAT registered sole traders click for more information on our FREE 1-tap app.

VAT registered and limited companies click FREE ReceiptBank app for more information.

Our specialist team is ready to help you now with all your Self Assessment needs.


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